A music diary

Notes | September 18, 2009

I’ve decided to put more energy into the blog, so I’ll start uploading old album reviews I have lying around, and try to keep up with the goings-on at thesixtyone.com.

Round Two of Heartstorm was wildly successful–I think our poster child is now Fol Chen’s track “Cable TV,” plucked out of relative obscurity (around 170 hearts, I believe) by user waltdiggs and featured for Heartstorm. The song took off, staying on the “hot right now” page for a very long time, and currently stands at 8,500+ hearts (making it the #1 song on thesixtyone for the past 30 days, and #10 for the past year!). Fol Chen was also a top artist on last.fm’s thesixtyone group that week. And many people have contacted me saying they love Heartstorm, and people keep signing up, so I guess it’s a success! This week, Round Three started, and I wish everyone luck.

I also might change the name of the blog–“Paisley” is pretty, but it doesn’t exactly evoke thoughts of music (well, maybe country music). So we’ll see about that, too.


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