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thesixtyone FAQ | September 25, 2009

I’ve taken it upon myself to write up a quick FAQ for thesixtyone.com, since I see a lot of people with the same questions. Check out the site FAQ first, but this has a few tips.

I’m a new listener. Walk me through the website.

Thesixtyone.com is a music site with an emphasis on gaming. (That will make more sense as you get used to the site.) Click around the site and listen to the songs. If you like a song and want to see it get more attention, click the gray heart next to it.

Whoa, hearts? What are those?

Hearts are like points; you’re given a certain amount every day depending on your level, and you can spend them on songs. The more hearts a song gets, the better it does (usually). If a lot of people are “hearting” a song, it will show up on the most active page. If it does well, it will “post,” or go onto the recently posted page. If it does really well, it will go onto the hot right now page. You can sort any of these pages by music genre, or just look at all the songs together.

Can I heart a song more than once?

Yep. Used to be it correlated to your level (i.e., level 2 = can heart a song 2 times) but I think you need to be at least level 5 or so to start doing it now. After that, it correlates with your level.

What is a “RB” or a “listen”?

A “radio bump” and a “listen” are the same thing–clicking someone’s “listen to radio” button to hear a random song they’ve saved. Your profile keeps a count of how many times people listen to your radio, and people often bump each other’s radios as a courtesy (and many quests require it). The name “bump” hearkens back to when there were no hearts, just “bumps” made from points.

What’s this “rack” thing? Sounds painful.

The rack contains songs that haven’t yet posted. You can get extra reputation and hearts for listening to those songs. Usually you can find something really nifty in it; other times it’s … well, painful.

What’s reputation?

The amount of points you have. You gain reputation by hearting songs that other people later heart, by listening to the rack, and by doing quests and such.

What are quests?

Click the red circle next to your user name, and you will see a list of daily quests. Do those, and you’ll get points and hearts.

So what are achievements, then?

Just like in certain video games, achievements can be unlocked by accomplishing something in the site–whether that’s listening to a certain number of songs, reviving a song, whatever. You get points (reputation) for doing them.

How do I first heart (discover) a song?

Be the first person to heart it, silly. It’s not easy, but the recently submitted page is your friend.

The site swore at me! How do I get it to stop?

If you max-heart a song, the site will yell “Holy s—” at you, by default. Go to your settings and preferences, and check “filter not safe for work content,” and it won’t do it any more.

How do I feature a song on my profile?

Save a song and click “feature” under it. You can feature up to three, and can unfeature them at any time.

How do I revive a song?

The song needs to have already posted at least 60 days ago. Reviving a song is a huge deal–it sends the song straight to the “recently posted” page.

Revives recently underwent a change. Now, to revive a song, you will need to submit a “bid” from your reputation, that is, an amount of points that you’re willing to spend. It must be at least 1,000 points, and you can’t see what other people have bid. If your bid is highest after three hours, you win and your bid is picked. So be prepared to bid high.

What is “veg”?

Just a screensaver type thing. Click it and see for yourself.

What is Heartstorm?

A user-run quest on thesixtyone. Read about it here.


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  1. Thank you for this post. I’ve been with thesixtyone.com for quite some time and still didn’t get all the lingo. They could of course try and do a bit more with their faq page.

    Comment by fixator — October 2, 2009 @ 10:45 am

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