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February 11, 2010
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I am keeping this blog open for the time being, as a sort of placeholder, really. For my music reviews and interviews, check out this site:

PAISLEY: a music diary

Thanks, and happy music-listening!


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Heartstorm is going dark

November 26, 2009

When I was first approached to run Heartstorm, I thought it was a great idea–a quick summer quest to give stellar songs the attention they deserved. I figured, though, that it would run itself off after two or three weeks, due to the well of appropriate songs drying up.

That was in July. We kicked it off August 6, and had a great run (and a phenomenal turnout) until very recently. I loved running it, and while I was busy with school most of the time, I found a lot of great music through heartstormers’ picks and radios that I would have otherwise never found. We sent many deserving songs to the homepage and revived a lot of interest in searching for older tracks. But all of a sudden, people stopped signing up.

Maybe the novelty and excitement wore off, resulting in listener fatigue. Maybe it’s just a busy time of the year. Part of the problem could’ve been a lack of clear guidelines, resulting in artists featuring only their own tracks–a turn-off for many listeners. Maybe we just ran out of songs.

Whatever the reason, I feel it had a great run and needs a pause. If there’s still interest, I want to start it up again after the new year, with some new rules (and since thesixtyone’s going to be adjusted, that will make some changes in the quest too). I want to thank everyone who participated–you made this a really amazing experience.

If you have any comments, drop me a line here or on my profile page. Have some happy holidays, and listen to some great music. And if you see a song that hasn’t posted but deserves to, bookmark it–when Heartstorm rolls around again, we can give it another shot.

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September 26, 2009
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(FAQ is the next post down from this.)

I’ve been tinkering with the blog a bit, and found that Blogger is more supportive of various features like music embedding, so I decided to move my music-review posts over to there. This blog will stay open for Heartstorm and the FAQ. Here’s the blog I’ll be using for reviews:


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September 19, 2009
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I now have an iPod, courtesy of my school: so I can look up medical drugs and such, and to help with clinicals. But they haven’t given me all the books yet, so I’ve mostly been testing out the music functions (to help me study, of course). It’s very different from my old Sansa Clip.

Pros of iPod:
– much better sound
– more album art
– easy to make playlists (supposedly)
– shake to shuffle!

Pros of Sansa Clip:
– you can clip it on something
– has FM radio and sound recording built in
– no one gives me dirty looks on the bus for using it
– won’t break if you drop it

I’d say it’s a toss-up.

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September 18, 2009
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I’ve decided to put more energy into the blog, so I’ll start uploading old album reviews I have lying around, and try to keep up with the goings-on at thesixtyone.com.

Round Two of Heartstorm was wildly successful–I think our poster child is now Fol Chen’s track “Cable TV,” plucked out of relative obscurity (around 170 hearts, I believe) by user waltdiggs and featured for Heartstorm. The song took off, staying on the “hot right now” page for a very long time, and currently stands at 8,500+ hearts (making it the #1 song on thesixtyone for the past 30 days, and #10 for the past year!). Fol Chen was also a top artist on last.fm’s thesixtyone group that week. And many people have contacted me saying they love Heartstorm, and people keep signing up, so I guess it’s a success! This week, Round Three started, and I wish everyone luck.

I also might change the name of the blog–“Paisley” is pretty, but it doesn’t exactly evoke thoughts of music (well, maybe country music). So we’ll see about that, too.

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List of Heartstorm Songs

August 20, 2009

Someone asked me if I kept a list of all the Heartstorm songs, and I’m afraid I didn’t. Most of the time it was all I could do to keep track of who signed up! So, in the interests of science (music science), I want to compile a list, mostly for posterity, and also to see which songs really took off. If you could comment here with your username and your Heartstorm picks, I would be eternally grateful.

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Hearstorm round 1 winding down

August 15, 2009
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Well, Round 1 of Heartstorm has been a huge success. All of the featured tracks got lots of attention, and many songs posted and reached the “hot right now” page! One of the most successful seems to be VOLA’s track “Giants,” spotlighted by orlm, and right now sitting pretty at 580+ hearts.

Round 2 starts tomorrow with mathmanmrt. Good luck everyone!

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August 6, 2009
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I love music, so I thought I’d start a music diary. My tastes usually lean toward alternative and indie, but I listen to just about anything if it’s catchy. I’ll try to post album reviews as well as quick snippets, like youtube videos or information on new releases.

I am kilexia on thesixtyone.com, and I do some blogging over at maxbumps.net.

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